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[new] NT DUP [new]

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NTDUP is a NinjaScript Add-On for NinjaTrader

I had planned to sell NTDUP (full features trade copier)

I decided to put it online for free (link to download below)

Capture d’écran 2024-03-06 à 23.54.57.png

I think for everything in life (so trading including) KISS is better

"Keep It Super Simple" (I only use the VWAP and 2 MA)

This is why last summer I started to code my own trade copier

The previous version NT FREE DUP was enough for me

I gave it to the community without expecting anything

Many traders asked me to add features for their own purpose

I did it and also gave NT FREE DUP 4ET to the community

Then I coded the full-features NTDUP for making some money

But finally as you know I also gave it for free to the community

Join us on Discord : https://ntfreedup.com/discord

Capture d’écran 2024-05-04 à 22.53.48.png
Under no circumstances NT FREE DUP can be held responsible for your losses.
You use my Add-Ons as you use NinjaTrader and that means at your own risk.

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